Feeling a Little Beach Shy? Try a Sarong Skirt

Written by Jenny Pham


Posted on December 16 2020


What Is a Sarong?

Traditionally, a sarong is a garment from Indonesia and used throughout Southeast Asia. It's a unique garment with brightly colored fabrics and bold prints. Because of how popular sarongs have become, they're used all over the world.

In the Cook Islands and Tahiti, a wraparound skirt is called a pareo. These two styles are similar to the modern wrap beach skirt.

A traditional sarong can be worn in a variety of ways, including a dress and a jumpsuit, depending on how you tie it. The variety of ways to wear a sarong is what makes it so popular for beachgoers.

One of the most popular styles is to wear it like a sarong wrap skirt. This style is great to throw on over your bathing suit whether you want modesty on the beach or want a coverup while eating at a beachside restaurant.

How to Tie a Sarong Skirt

The traditional garment has many ways to wear it. Here's how to wear a sarong skirt, fold the sarong fabric in half and wrap it around your waist. Finish and secure the skirt by tying the ends together.

For a little more coverage, you can wear a traditional sarong as a maxi skirt as well. Instead of folding the fabric in half, wrap the entire length around your waist. Tie the upper corners of the fabric in a secure knot and adjust the length to your style.

Wearing a Sarong Skirt

A beach sarong skirt is great if you're looking to add some modesty to your bikini or swimsuit. Even if you don't have the traditional Indonesian garment, you can still rock a sarong skirt look.

With our white sarong skirt, you'll feel light, airy, and covered up and still be able to enjoy your day at the beach. Our black sarong skirt will match any bathing suit.  These two styles are easy to wear and perfect for plus-size women as well.

The beach for everyone, so enjoy the sun and sand while feeling confident and comfortable.

Your Best Beach Day Yet

The beach can be the most magical place. Where else can you relax in the sand, play in the water, and be surrounded by nature all day? But just because you don't want to jaunt around in a bikini doesn't mean you shouldn't get to enjoy the beach.

If covering up is more of your style, then you should consider wearing a sarong skirt. It adds style while keeping you modest if you tend to be bikini-shy. Wearing a sarong skirt on your next beach trip will allow you to have just as much fun as everyone else.

Ready to book your beach vacation? Pack your sarong first. Check out our sarong skirts and other coverups.